University Cardiology

About Us

Our name, University Cardiology, represents our alignment with the accessibility and innovative resources of the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Founded over forty years ago by Dr. Joseph Acker, Dr. Frank London, and Dr. Freeman Rawson, we at University Cardiology (formerly Knoxville Cardiovascular Group) are proud of our longstanding reputation for providing advanced cardiovascular services to the East Tennessee area. With fourteen skilled cardiologists, we deliver care from our primary campus at the University, and also service patients at satellite clinics in Etowah, Jefferson City, and Lafollette

Guided by seven core values that define us and set the standard for our practice, we serve our patients with the promise of: 

    Reliability... Founded over four decades ago by three respected area cardiologists, University Cardiology has a long history of serving East Tennessee with reliable cardiovascular care.  When our physicians apply the combination of their experience and expertise to the careful study and treatment of heart disease, the result is unbeatable care.  

    Integrity... University Cardiology is committed to developing honest and sound relationships with our families, patients, co-workers, and referring physicians. Believing that personal and corporate integrity is essential to the practice of medicine, we are determined to uphold our long-standing tradition of providing steadfast and complete patient care. 

    Partnership... Acknowledging the relationship between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy heart, we at University Cardiology involve and empower patients to participate in their treatment and healing. From patient education seminars to active involvement in the community, we embrace a collaborative approach to care so that physicians and patients work together to reach a common goal—a healthy heart.

    Clinical Excellence... Care at University Cardiology is based upon established clinical parameters and guided by ongoing quality assurance assessments. Whether it is interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, invasive or non-invasive cardiology, or therapeutic cardiology, we provide nothing less than outstanding, state-of-the-art care.

    Academic Orientation... Having the benefit of serving both as physicians and faculty at The University of Tennessee Medical Center—Knoxville’s only academic hospital—University Cardiology can combine leading-edge technology with a thorough knowledge of the latest clinical research and progressive treatment modalities to provide the area’s most comprehensive and up-to-date cardiac care.

    Vision... University Cardiology embraces a forward-thinking approach to cardiovascular care. Standing behind The University of Tennessee Medical Center’s motto, “Expanding the Frontiers of Medicine,” we look not only at the present, but also to the future for each patient and to the future for the field of cardiology as a whole. We see the big picture, and this vision allows us to provide the most progressive care available. 

    Compassion... While our technology is the most advanced, our style of care is somewhat old-fashioned.  (For example, we still tend our own patients in the Emergency Room). As we provide our patients with exceptional clinical results, we are also concerned with the overall health of each individual we serve. Attentive to more than a patient’s clinical needs, we serve with compassion and a genuine desire to help each patient move forward in heart health and total wellness.  

We at University Cardiology take pride in living and practicing by our core values. To learn more about us, please browse this web site or call our offices. If you or a friend or family member needs our help, please ask your primary care physician to refer you to us or give our office a call to request further assistance. 

• Reliability • Integrity • Partnership • Compassion • Vision • Clinical Excellence • Academic Orientation •